At Homes for Hearts, we build single-family tiny homes for people experiencing homelessness, and together with our partnering organizations help move Memphians toward affordable and sustainable homeownership. 

Homes for Hearts is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

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How does Homes for Hearts choose a resident?

Homes for Hearts has partnered with Room in the Inn Memphis to help with the vetting and case management of each of our residents. Vetting is based on relationship building and willingness to work toward sustainability and homeownership. Room in the Inn helps keep our residents connected to medical, employment, social and other supportive services they need before and after transitioning toward our Homebuyer Program.



How does your Homeownership Program work?

After a resident has completed both phases of their 6 Homes for Hearts Transition, we then offer a no profit, no interest mortgage that costs no more than 20-30% of average median income. Payments cost as little as $225 – $375 monthly, depending on the resident’s income, cost of the home, location and lot size. This includes the principal payments, taxes, insurance and escrow. And while utility bills are much lower for tiny houses, we are able to provide our homebuyers with an extremely affordable and sustainable homeownership. 

Depending on a resident’s income we can get their principal payment as low as $135.00 monthly. 

Homes for Hearts will continue to work with our Memphis partners to help find each of our residents steady employment if they need it in order to sustain their monthly payments. Some of our resident’s disability and or social security payments will cover our affordable housing costs. 

If at anytime, a Homebuyer wishes to leave the Homebuyer Program, their principal payments are returned in full to provide a stepping stone to their next residence. 

We hope our residents love the affordability and comfort of their home enough to keep it forever.


How do you keep the homes from getting into investor’s hands? 

Homebuyers are not allowed to rent or sublease the home during the home buying process. Once a homebuyer owns their home and they wish to sell it, they must give us the first option to buy back at a fair market value. This allows us to find a new resident for the home, and keep the home affordable for years to come. The buyback price of the home must allow for a new Homes for Hearts resident to move in, and spend no more than 20-30% average median income toward housing. 



Do you work with government funding?

Homes for Hearts will accept government funds as long as they have no conditions that would violate our principles or limit our ability to provide permanent, sustainable, cost-effective, affordable housing with a clear path toward homeownership. We currently do not work with any government funding.



Is Homes for Hearts a tax-exempt nonprofit organization?

Yes. We are a US 501(c)(3) nonprofit  85-2299402

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If you have any questions please reach out! 901.290.6174 – Zach Waters, Founder & CEO